Strategic promotion

Admittedly, free advertising is rare. It does get really expensive though when it does not have the wanted effect. When it comes to the effectiveness of an advertisement, there are no coincidences but only results of a clear strategy. We show your business’ strong sides and find out where to find new costumers and how to reach them. With the help of a structured advertising concept you will be able to find your way through the big world of marketing. Because behind every success stands a concrete plan.

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The "Brixner" | Redesign Monatszeitung

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Tischlerei Brunner | Werbekonzept

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Tischlerei Brunner | Autogestaltung

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Fashion centre Pallhaus | sale "Alles raus" | Key Visual, flyer, a set of insertion, Citylight, facebook

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Municipality Mühlbach | project "Lebendiger Ort Mühlbach"