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Content written in black and white impresses on long terms. An own magazine not only informs citizens or association members about everything and is a platform for dialogues but it also strengthens the sense of community. You don’t know where to start with your magazine? We would love to give you some tips about efficient redaction work and help you plan your layout, print and distribution. We can edit your texts or, if needed, we write them ourselves. Having designed and printed several magazines we are very practiced in putting together text and images in harmony. We know that creating a magazine can be complicated, but we have gained the right amount of experience to know how to do it.

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Gemeinde Barbian | Gemeindezeitung

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Municipality Klausen | Redesign Clausa

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Tourism association Eisacktal | viae 2018

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Municipality Vintl | Relaunch Gemeindeblatt Vintila Bote

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Bibliotheksverband Südtirol | Relaunch "zum Lesen"