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Your company has a lot to share. Having your own magazine makes that much more convenient. Turned into a magazine your company information not only gets more interesting but also credible: content rather than sayings impress customers, business partners and co-workers on long terms. Our redaction knows perfectly how to form stimulating stories out of dry facts. And after having published several magazines we are aware of graphical rules within which we can design your company magazine. Would you like to have a slightly different annual report? Redaction, text editing, layout, printing or distribution: we would like to design and accompany you with your most successful and most preferred communication instrument, in print or digital formats. Treat yourself with a magazine made after your wishes!

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GKN Sinter Metals | Relaunch Rundlauf

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| Gästemagazin Viae 2022

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Brimi - dairy farm Brixen | Brimi Kurier 2019

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Tourism association Eisacktal | viae 2018

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Consorzio Agrario di Bolzano | Jubiläumszeitschrift