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The German language contains more than 500.000 words, a paradise for advertising copywriters like us. Lots of new words can be used to make people listen and to create something extraordinary that catches everyone’s attention. We paint verbal images that will be remembered. We know what you’re thinking: “good for you, but that doesn’t help me. My advertising text is not only supposed to sound good, but it should sell products." You’re absolutely right. That’s why we elaborate a clear concept about who can read what in which form. Product, message, target group, type of text- all of that takes part of your advertising text. Because no matter how good a text might sound, it is not worth a lot without an accurate statement.

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Tischlerei Brunner | Redesign Website

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The "Brixner" | Redesign Monatszeitung

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| Gästemagazin Viae 2022

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Tischlerei Brunner | Werbekonzept

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